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Where are the best places to read?

Reading can be a very enjoyable and enriching hobby.

For many people, a favourite pastime is coming home from a long day, making a hot drink and curling up with a book.

If you are unsure exactly where a comfortable spot is, this post can help.

Here are my top three destinations for reading!


1) A window seat

Window seats are great for snuggling next to on both warm and cold days.

If it is sunny, you can enjoy a little tanning while being snug and comfortable next to a window.

If it is freezing, you can cuddle up with a pillow and a hot chocolate and enjoy the warmth of your house.

Either way, you can thoroughly enjoy your book in all kinds of weather nestled in a window seat.


2) A comfy chair

In the middle of winter, one of our most common sources of entertainment is to read a good book.

When you think of a place to read a book, you automatically think of a big, comfy chair, don’t you?

Cushioned chairs are great places to read a book, especially in front of a fire or heater.

When you can enjoy a thick book and a snack in a comfy chair, you can escape the freezing cold of winter.


3) The beach

We have so far been discussing some great places for a winter read.

Well, for summer, why not spend an afternoon reading at the beach?

You can stretch out and relax on the sand while reading a good book.

If you get too hot, you can just go have a swim!


I hope you have taken something from this blog post, and that you have found a good new location to try and read a book.

Happy reading!



Love your chatty style and reflective comments. You have also nailed my #1 location - the window seat!

9th Aug, 19

Nice insideabook :)

23rd Oct, 19

i love this post ! The window seat is the best as you can get some sun.

23rd Oct, 19

I agree with the spots although I like to read whilst tanning

23rd Oct, 19

This is such an amazing post and you really know where the best places are to read, and i have more ideas now. Thanks so much insideabook!

23rd Oct, 19
aahanadudani DAB member

Hell yeah! Comfy chair is my favourite, or even snuggled in bed

25th Oct, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Comfy couch for me!

30th Oct, 19